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Find Your Why - Become Accountable

A lot of people get sucked into a life simply by putting one foot in front of the other. I would like to challenge you to live life on your own terms. Find out how much salt you're really worth. Design your life, maybe sit down to write some goals right now. If you could have anything at anytime what would it be? Do you have six-month goals, three-year goals? 

You don't have to live the life you walked into. You can design it to be whatever you want it to be. You just have to do one thing - become accountable. It's one thing to make excuses to the public - your boss, your friends, your partner, but if you are lying and making excuses to yourself there isn't any hope. You have to become accountable for the things you do. If you succeeded, great! That was you! If you failed, even better. Now you have something to learn from. Own that failure as much as your success. Ask yourself if you could have done better and then fix it. Own your successes and your failures. People rely on you and if they don't, you rely on you. Even if you're just doing this for yourself and no one else, figure out why you're doing it. Don't say I want a million dollars just to have it, know what's driving you. Know what your motivation is because when you start to be come accountable, successful, and maybe life is actually get easy, what is keeping you hungry? 

If you can't answer the why or don't have any goals, take some time and figure this out. Don't shoot without your aim. Let your why drive you and your accountability be the gas. Do better. Be better. You have it in you.

You hold the key.

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